Jaringan Komunikasi Lintas Data (JKLD)

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Dedicated Internet

A dedicated internet access which focus on getting the best path for your own unique service.

Local Loop Access

Our local loop is intended to get you connected privately in time. With Point of Presence (PoP) spread around Java and capability to interconnect at the most physical layer, we will help you to connect to your remote site.


Now having a private link between cities or sites is affordable. A private network above MPLS backbone is ready to be your new infrastructure delivering messages and contents between places at lower cost. With infrastructure covering Java Island, we will ease you to enable connectivity within your organization.

Welcome to JKLD

Internet has become an infrastructure which seems never stop growing. Connecting people anywhere at anytime using variety of platforms is a new demanding business. Looking at this opportunity, JKLD (PT Jaringan Komunikasi Lintas Data), as an Internet Service Provider, is ready to join the market and collaborate.

Established in 2019, JKLD main infrastructure is available at the center of Bandung city. Focusing on delivering and end to end service with a reliable and fast infrastructure, JKLD is working in full speed to meet the need of connectivity and capacity at reasonable rates.

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